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Kathy King Coaching, Cocoa Beach Fl.
Kathy King Coaching, Cocoa Beach Fl.
Kathy King Coaching, Cocoa Beach Fl.
Kathy King Coaching, Cocoa Beach Fl.
life coach florida

If you have found your way here, you are either curious about life coaching, in need of help, or both.  Life Coaching is an exciting process that enables you to take that first step toward a more positive, balanced, joy-filled, and purposeful life! Coaching helps to discover and untangle the obstacles that are keeping you from being productive and successful.  It allows you to take control of those day to day decisions that keep you moving forward. Coaching works!  Life comes back into focus when we have someone who will listen to our hearts, ask thought provoking questions, and guide our progress in finding the very best part of ourselves.  With that knowledge, the road becomes smoother, hope begins to fill us, and life’s joys and celebrations spill over into renewed energy and expectation for the days ahead.

Coaching for Teens

I have chosen to specialize in teens and young adults, because I know that our youth are the promise of tomorrow.  I also know that this world is so overwhelming at times, that it is a struggle to make the right decisions, choose the right direction, and remain strong and centered in the day to day journey.  Too many young people are tangled up in peer pressure, lack of motivation, family issues, negative self image, lack of self worth, guilt, and constant worry about the future.  It is so important to address these issues and do what we can to help this generation regain their focus and become who they were created to be.


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  (Jeremiah 29:11)  


We all need to believe there is a brilliant future waiting for us!  It is my desire to provide a safe haven, a respectful ear, a loving heart, and a caring word to those who entrust themselves to me.   There will be no judgment, no criticism, and no harsh communication.  Together we will discover hidden resources and possibilities that provide progress forward and greater hope for a purposeful life.

Coaching for Life

I think we would all agree that life is hard!!  Life Coaching is the ear that listens intently without judgment, and the questions that allow you to rethink decisions, refocus priorities, and reconnect with life as you want it to be.  It is enthusiastic energy poured into your spirit, encouragement when you need it most, and affirmation that you can move forward with a positive purpose and a joyful spirit.  

No matter what your vocation, you are welcome at Kathy King Coaching.  Life’s
obstacles come in all shapes and sizes, and I am prepared to help you meet the
challenges.  Together we can untangle the knots of life, work through the barriers you are facing, and find the purpose and joy that sometimes seem so elusive.  

I’ve heard it said that it’s not the loss of energy or health that makes you old; it’s the loss of vision.  Regain your focus, sharpen your vision, and move forward to a more abundant life!  It is certainly true that the real joy in life is not in arriving, it’s in the journey itself!  Let us travel the route to your blessings together, one purposeful, positive, productive step at a time.

Kathy King Coaching, Cocoa Beach Fl.
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