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Kathy King Coaching, Cocoa Beach Fl.
Kathy King Coaching, Cocoa Beach Fl.

Look in the mirror.  What, exactly, do you see?  Most of us have an image of who we are and how we appear to our family and friends.  Is that the same person you see staring back at you?  Isn’t it time to get your life in alignment with the life you have always dreamed of having?  Isn’t  it time to remove the worry, fatigue, discouragement, stress, and anxiety that haunts you?  Wouldn’t  you rather wake up every morning with an expectant feeling, wondering what God has written in His Day Planner just for you?  

Life is tough.  There is just no other way to say it.  We are human beings with varying levels of patience, daily challenges, energy zappers, and spirit squashers.  What if you could have someone by your side to help you deal with it all?  Someone who could help you navigate the twists and turns of life’s highways – seemingly dead ends and endless round-a-bouts.  That’s exactly what a Life Coach does for you!  A Life Coach is your own personal safe haven, storm shelter, and general tourist guide for the grand adventure of life!


A Professional Life Coach is someone who is trained to ask specific questions, listen attentively on many levels, and guide you through the messes of  life.  Because, let’s face it, we are all either in a mess,  just leaving a mess, or heading toward a mess!  They are like potholes in the roads after a rough winter.  If  we are really careful, we can maneuver around them, but most of the time, we are knee deep in the quicksand of  life.


Kathy King Coaching, Cocoa Beach Fl.
Kathy King Coaching, Cocoa Beach Fl.

As your Life Coach, I promise:

  • Never to put you down or make fun of anything you say

  • To provide you with a safe, comfortable, trusting environment whether on the phone or in person

  • To listen, really listen, to what you have to share

  • To guide you through the process of discovery that will hopefully lead you to a richer understanding of who you are and the quest for  joy that lies ahead

  • To be present in the moment with you, feeling your hurts and disappointments, and sharing your excitement and celebrations

  • Not to make promises I can’t keep, to be honest and open to the best of my ability, and to present a judgment-free, encouraging heart  during our sessions

  • To abide by the Code of Ethics set forth by the International Coach Federation of  which I am a member (

  • To abide by the Christian Code of Ethics set forth by the Christian Coaches Network, of  which I am also a member (

Kathy King Coaching, Cocoa Beach Fl.

There is no time like the present to begin to dream again, hope again, feel that inner peace and joy again – it is time to take back your life and discover the possibilities that are waiting for you when you take that next step to your future. There can be joy in the journey – together we will find it!

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