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Something is terribly wrong with my dog!

Something is terribly wrong with my dog! I have a fluffy, white, almost-two year old Havanese named Treble. Those of you who know me will simply say he is extremely spoiled. I, however, beg to differ. I just think he is extremely LOVED!

I will admit he has some eccentricities. For example, when I feed him, he watches me set his bowl down, knowing it is full of yummy, delectable food. He will not make a move toward that bowl until I carefully take out a bit and hand feed it to him. He needs an appetizer to prove it is worth getting up to eat!! How rude.

I am appalled. He doesn’t trust that there will always be this wonderful taste treat in his bowl for meals. Oh, no! He needs me to confirm, on a daily basis, that I am continuing to feed him the delicacies he thinks he deserves. If he walks over, sniffs it, and finds it to be not what he’s in the mood for, or exactly what he is expecting, he just looks at me and walks away.

Then, there is the matter of his orange ball. He is quite obnoxious with that ball, nosing it around the room and under furniture where he can’t get to it. He barks like crazy until I come fetch it out with a yardstick. He nudges me, ball in mouth, until he gets my attention, and then sets it down and stares at it until I play with him. Sometimes, I’m on the phone. Sometimes I’m on the computer. But, no matter where my attention is focused, if it isn’t on him, he will do everything in his power to get me to notice him.

This strikes me as very similar to our relationship with God. As successful and expansive as our lives may be, we are never quite satisfied with the portion He has given to us. We have this daily, extraordinary, spiritual food set before us, and we still want Him to show us a little miracle, or do just one more thing to prove He is there. We stare right at Him and expect something more than the overflowing gifts that He has already blessed into our lives. No matter how many times God has proven Himself to us, we continue to want assurance that He will do it again. And again.

And, when our focus is distracted by earthly things, and we are less than aware of His nearness, He nudges us and waits patiently for us to look up, shift our focus, and enter joyously into His presence. He wants to play ball! He wants us to throw Him our hurts, our disappointments, and our useless baggage, so He can lighten our load. He wants us to trust that He is always doing the right thing for His children.

Treble will eventually give up if I choose to ignore him. He will take his ball and go off to wait somewhere close by. So will God. He sends the sweetness of a vibrant sunrise to awaken my heart to the gift of each day. He sends the rain so I will appreciate the warmth of the sunshine. I have friends with whom to share the laughter and tears of life. And I have the secure knowledge that Jesus Christ died for me. So why would I ever choose to ignore Him?

I think the truth is that sometimes we take God for granted. We wake up every day, we do what we do, and we let life be what life is. Why would He give us more if we don’t appreciate what He has already given us?

Take a breath. You’ve just experienced a miracle. Look in the mirror. Wow! There’s another miracle! Your family, your friends, your work, your home…all especially chosen for you by God! Amazing, isn’t it? Each of us is living in a gala buffet holding a plate piled high with our favorite treats and delicacies! Savor them! Give thanks for them!

And when God nudges you and wants your attention, honor Him for all He is, knowing you are not only extremely spoiled, but extremely, mercifully LOVED!!

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