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A life of value is created one golden strand at a time.

Your fingers caress a silken strand spun from pure gold. You reflect on how much you are loved, and as you do, without realizing it, you begin winding a small ball of golden thread. You help someone in need and, at the same time, wrap another strand around the ball. You forgive someone for disappointing you and make another pass with the thread. The ball begins to grow. You sit and contemplate your blessings and wind another loop around the ball, which continues to expand. You take a deep breath rather than reacting in anger and again add another golden layer to the ball. Soon you look down and realize that you now hold a gold ball of enormous wealth created by small, seemingly insignificant threads of kindness, helpfulness, forgiveness, generosity, understanding, compassion, and gratitude.

Love, God (To: You Love, God; Will Bowen, 2014)

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