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When the Morning Begins with a Sock in your Coffee Cup

When the morning begins with a sock in your coffee cup, you know it’s going to be a good day. Treble is hopeless. He is addicted to socks. He pulls them apart, he throws them into the air, he shakes them, he tugs ferociously and unendingly, and his toy basket looks like a sock graveyard.

I’ve had to replenish my supply frequently in order to keep up with his sneaky sock stealing…I never seem to have two that match. This morning I was enjoying my first cup of coffee, when an old, worn sport sock came sailing through the air and landed i my cup. He growled and eyed the sock. Seriously? Treble on caffeine is a sight I hope never to see!

However, it did get my attention. I wonder how many times God has thrown a sock into my life and I failed to notice. How many plans have gone awry, how many doors have slammed shut suddenly, how many walls have I crashed into, and not once did I recognize it as God wanting my attention? I always seem to be focused on the matter at hand, and this, my friends, is the problem. I read that if you hold a pebble up to your eyes and look intently at it, it will block out everything else around it. The pebble is all you’ll see. That’s the way it is with worries and troubles. We focus so closely on them that the glory and goodness of life around us simply fades away. We hold on to that pebble, keeping it blindingly in focus, trying to fix it or make it go away, when truthfully, sometimes that’s just not in our power to do. God wants us to focus so intently on Him, that the pebbles of this life are what pale in comparison to His peace and love! He is the One who can dissolve the pebbles! When we concentrate on Him, He will obscure and cover our troubles! He is such an amazing God! He is so in love with us! The promptings and the interruptions could just as well go unnoticed, unless we look for His hand and guidance in all we do. And I mean ALL we do! He is the God of small details – every minute, daily, hum-drum component of our lives. He is the Puzzle Master, apportioning piece after piece, section after section, corner after corner; each fitting securely into the shape of our one and only life. He alone holds the final picture. Fascinating and frightening at the same time, isn’t it? If you’re like me, you want just a small peek at what lies ahead! Ah, that’s where faith comes in.

When I was going through my mother’s things after she died, I found a locket that she had given me on my first communion. On the back was engraved, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed…nothing shall be impossible for you.” (Mt. 17:20) The locket held the tiniest of mustard seeds. At the time, I didn’t really get it, but now I do. It’s not the size of our faith that counts. It’s the fact that we HAVE faith and trust in Him to supply anything and everything we need that matters. It is impossible to navigate this life without it! Many times in the Bible, Jesus says, “Oh, you of little faith…” He is not referring to the measure of our faith, He is referring to the fact that we really don’t have any! We don’t truly believe that there is Someone in control of our lives – Someone we can’t see, or hear, or watch, or predict. We try to do it all ourselves, and that’s where the flying socks come in. How dull and boring life would be if we knew every day before it began, could predict the outcome of events before they happened, or see the end before we begin? Where would be the Joy of the journey?? Treble has moved on to his ball now. He will nose it around the house, into walls and furniture until it goes under a chair and he can’t reach it. Then he’ll bark, knowing I’ll come get it out for him. I always do. And God always does. No matter how many walls we walk into, no matter how many times we steer ourselves in the wrong direction and land under a chair, He will pull us out, love us well, hold us tightly, and toss us back into the game of life. Love this day. It is only here once. Know He is watching over you and has all of your pebbles and boulders in His sight. Feel His Joy and know His peace. Be aware of His presence. Put your faith in His infinite protection, and let the socks fly where they may!!

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